There are generally two types of modifications our clients need. The first involves photographs that are required for a magazine article or home show advertisement. For some reason, that we don't know either, the deadlines for such things are incredibly early, when the house is unfinished, unlandscaped, and obscured with dumpsters and portable toilets. Below is an example of such a photograph.

Here is that same photograph after being modified by Architectural Graphics. We just added what was going to be there eventually and took away what wasn't, like the guy on the roof.

The second type of modification involves old renderings that need to be altered or updated. Modifying an existing rendering costs much less than making a new one because much of the most complex work has already been done and because we charge only for the time we spend actually doing the modifications. However, you should remember that these are drawings, not the much more expensive computer models. If the viewing angle must be changed, we will have to start from the beginning.

In this example, the house was widened and a third car garage was added.

Then, they added some brick.

Later, they decided to show the house in color
Gailsberg III by R.A. Faganel

And finally they wanted customers to know the popular design was available as a side-load garage.
Sycamore by R.A. Faganel

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